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Monday, November 22, 2010

Kickstarter cover song #1: "Pecan Pie" by Golden Smog

Now that Silver Cities is released and the records are in the mail to our wonderful kickstarter supporters, we finally--FINALLY--can start with the next phase of fulfilling the premiums for our project's prized pledgees: the cover songs.

As you may recall, one of the pledging possibilities for our project was, for the princely sum of 40 clams, the Cover Song Option: that is, the lucky pledger has the right/honor/duty to pick a song, any song, and we perform a live rendition of said song, captured on video.  We've done this before (strictly via audio, tho) and, as before, our M.O. is to convene in our living room, stumble through the song a couple of times, and then bash out a live rendition without overdubs or studio magique of any kind.  We had 10 people choose the Cover Song Option, and so now it's time for us to make good on our pledge.

Our plan is to post a new cover song video every week until we've satisfied all requests.  This week's video is dedicated to Joan from Majorca whose selection was "Pecan Pie" by Golden Smog.  And here it is!  Thanks Joan!


At 3:28 PM, Anonymous D_B_T said...

Great job, loox awesome, & good song choice! Nice!


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