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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Radio Free Silverlake Preztel residency continues tonite at LaBrie's

Hi everyone!

Just a little note here to the effect that we continue our residency tonight at LaBrie's in Glendale--it's free, and not only are there free Mary pretzels, there will also be a modest batch of what I believe are called Pretzel Cookie Treats, which I can only describe as a German concoction that involves sticking a pretzel inside a cookie. A cookie baked from 3 different kinds of chocolate. And powdered sugar. And nuts. I don't know what they're properly called in German but I can tell you that I brought a plateful to Pehrspace last night for a Sean Carnage show and they lasted less than 2 minutes. So--please come early for some Pretzel Cookie action or you will be out of luck.

Also you should come early because our friends Hexham Heads play at 9, and Kissing Cousins at 10! And of course we go on at 11.

There's a little writeup about tonight's show at Radio Free Silverlake, including mp3's of a song we haven't played live for at least 4 years, and a very amusing/embarrassing demo I made of said song circa 2004. Please take a look:


Also, I couldn't find a picture of the pretzel cookies, so I'll give you this instead:

Above: "Pretzel...Plus!" Sci Fi/Fantasy picture 63 out of 87 by Jade N. Bengco. LINK


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