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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Eugene--John Henry's

For our last morning in Seattle we headed over to Irwin's Bakery on 40th and Bagley, where Danny from Luxxe works--and where, incidentally, they sell these marionberry scones that Are. To. Die. For. Seriously, we have Jess travelling with us and she's a baker and she liked these a lot. Mmmm, I can still taste them, yum. Plus Danny was wearing the Monolators shirt she got at the gig on Sunday (we have a polaroid of this that we will scan as soon as possible). Thanks Danny! So after loading up on scones we said a sad farewell to Seattle and got back on I-5 heading south.

We unfortunately weren't able to set up a Portland show, but Peter from The Fast Computers was a hero to us and set up a Eugene show for us with some local bands at a place called John Henry's, which was kind of a swanker place than we're used to playing in...with a nice PA and a ramp that goes up to the stage and everything. Overall our experience in Eugene was kind of mixed...on one hand, everyone from the other bands on the bill (Fade13, DoublePlusGood, and The Soft Planes, who played their first show after a 4-year hiatus) could not have been nicer or more supportive. On the other hand, we went into a local indie music store and asked if we could put up a poster and give them some cd's...and the guy asked us who we were, and then turned us down. And also Eugene has an abnormally large number of one-way streets, and one-way streets that turn into two-way streets, and then back into one-way streets, and it's damn hard to get around.

But--it turned out to be a good show. I don't know that we played quite so tightly as we did at The Funhouse, but there was a much bigger crowd and we ended up selling enough merch to make some gas money. We also had a superfan there. He was kinda intoxicated and started telling us that he'd been following the Indigo Girls around on tour. I think he also said something about prison sex in Texas, and he'd put his fingers to his lips and make big smacking sounds, like the prison sex is to DIE FOR in Texas. I wonder if he remembers doing this. The Fast Computers themselves didn't play on the bill, but they are playing at John Henry's in a few weeks with one of our favorite bands, The Lovemakers, awesome! I am jealous. We are going to try to get these folks to come down to Los Angeles to play with us at Mr. T's, so you must come see them when they do.

Two more good things about Eugene--there was a big sign at the hotel over the room where the vending machines were, and it said "Ice And Pop." Yes, pop, not damn soda, but pop, the way it is in Michigan, and the way god intended it to be. Also--we were leaving the next morning after playing the show, and had only about 4 hours of sleep--so before heading out for Sacramento we stopped at a Dutch Brothers coffee stand near the hotel. And by God, those guys gave us our coffee for free. They said it was customer appreciation day. I dunno if it was or not, but Dutch Brothers, we salute thee!

It was good coffee, too.


At 2:24 PM, Blogger la-underground said...

when you get back we want the name of that eugene record store. starbucks needs a new franchise and we have the perfect place for one.


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