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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Shirley Rolls 45 is here!

Oh man. This record is soooo good. Tom, who played guitar on our cd and plays live with us sometimes, has his own band called Shirley Rolls that I wrote about a while back. He records his own music at home on a reel-to-reel 8-track deck and it sounds just incredible. If you like the old Stones records from when they were good (the B-side, "Busted," reminds me a lot of Satanic Majesties' Request) or you like The Yardbirds or maybe even The New York Dolls then you'll dig this. Tom's got an mp3 of the A-side cut on his site but you really need to get a copy of this single--it's only 3 bucks and that includes postage! You can get one by visiting Tom's website or emailing him directly.

Here, to remind you, is an mp3 of Shirley Rolls - I Got Nothin'


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