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Friday, September 22, 2006

The Rock-It, Hawthorne, with E>K>U>K

Since our video release show was postponed until October, we just had two September shows, which is never really enough for my taste...this one was down in Hawthorne with E>K>U>K. We actually played The Rockit a couple of times about two years back. I remember one of those shows very fondly, there were a whole bunch of older folks (in their 50's and 60's, I think) dancing around drunk to "The Spandex Hitman." At one point--my memory is kind of foggy on this--a largish lady in her 40's started yelling at me from the audience, something like "can I be your girlfriend??" I said, well, let's see what my wife says about that. The lady says back: "I don't see no ring!" I show her my ring. "I don't see no wife!" I point at the drummer. The lady compromises by jumping onstage and go-go dancing next to Mary through the rest of our set. She was awe-inspiring. Ahh, my sweet. Where are you now?

Oh, one thing: it looks as if we're going to be slimming back down to a 2-to-3-piece for the immediate future. Several Big Band Monolators have had to bow out recently for various reasons, and 8-Bit is out on tour, so we're going to be returning to duo status--at least for the Mr. T's show coming up on the 6th. For our video premiere the plan is to play as a foursome, with Andy back on bass and Wendy from The Sweet Hurt on keyboards! But even so--I want to take a moment to thank all of our friends who gave their time, sweat, and cowbell-banging expertise to us over the past few months. You're all wonderful people and we wish you godspeed!


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