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Monday, November 17, 2008

Pehrspace week two photos

Some wonderful wonderful photos have shown up from the set at last week's residency show--here are some favorites, first from Sean Carnage's site (quote: "November Is Totally Kicking Ass"):

Sci-fi wristbands!

The general mis-en-scene at Pehrspace--note dangling day-glo planetary installations and lone, feeble flourescent black light. Still looked amazing, though!

Billygoat with Mary Monolator performing the mysterious Slide Projector dance.

The very much one and only Karen Centerfold.

Ema of Ema & The Ghosts & Cobra Lilies on whisting for "Tiny Bicycles"

Cobra Lilies on vocals for "Santa Claus Versus Dave Matthews"

David from Billygoat on glockenspiel for our version of "Best Friends In Space"

And from Classical Geek Theater:

I like how this one has a fragment of Ashley's bass & hair and my prominent, white butt.

Thanks Sean and Mouse!


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