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Friday, November 07, 2008

Pretty Freakin' Awesome, Dear Readers

I am currently listening to the soundtrack of "Wizard People, Dear Readers," which is an unauthorized alternate narration/audio track to the first Harry Potter movie, created by one Brad Neely. It's meant to be played while watching the movie with the sound off, Wizard Of Oz/Dark Side of the Moon-style. I have never seen any of the HP movies, but no matter, you can listen to it by itself and it's pretty freakin' awesome.

Some quotes:
Harry, in a spiral of depression, turns to the escape of the world of miniature equine aficionada. He produces many a Wine-out-of-Nowhere Spell and is drunk every day before noon.


Harry feels right with himself. He's down there, a new god who has found a calling.

He holds up that Snitch and bellows:

'I am a beautiful animal!

'I am a destroyer of worlds!

'I am Harry Fucking Potter!'

And, dear readers, at last the world was quiet.

There are links to the audio track (and a full transcript) on this wikipedia page.


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