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Sunday, October 19, 2008

I got ink in my hair

So, obviously, we're releasing our new record at our Spaceland show this coming Saturday, and we're hard at work getting the actual records together--the vinyl LP's themselves came back from the pressing plant last week, but we're still working on the covers. Being vaguely ambitious we decided to silkscreen the covers ourselves. The LP's come from the pressing plant in heavy white sleeves (more like cardboard than paper) and we're silkscreening the cover onto a big sheet of paper that will fold around the sleeve--all that will go into a plastic bag.

Our design has two colors (three, actually, counting the white paper), which means two different stencils and two different passes on each piece of paper. This time we're doing the graphics in black and the text in red. The ink for each pass needs to dry overnight--we did a run of the black ink last night and added the red tonight. Some pictures:

Covers drying earlier this morning; these have just the black ink printed so far

Covers hanging up to dry with red ink added

Mary Monolator at the old 8-Bit silkscreen press--she's positioning a cover under the stencil to make sure that the registration lines up properly

It looks impressive but we're only able to do these in small batches--about 40 at a time before we run out of room on our clotheslines. We're trying to have 50 ready for the release show--shouldn't be too hard to squeeze out 10 more. After that I think we're going to try using the same stencils but with different colors of ink.


At 5:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mary, you are so hot. Aye.


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