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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

We are on tour again!

Oh my goodness, so much happened in December that I didn't really get a chance to write about. The highlight was certainly visiting back home in the creepily-snowless Michigan, and going caroling with a large herd of half-British, half-Michigander children whose father repeatedly urged us to sing in a "not so dirge-like" manner. And then after Christmas we went to Detroit to rehearse at The Modern Exchange, courtesy of our dear and awesome friends The Friends Of Dennis Wilson, who will be joining us later in the month for some dates in Las Vegas and at Mr. T's Bowl.

But the more immediate news is that we're going to be taking a little micro-mini tour ourselves up the West Coast this month! Yes indeedy, we're returning to some...er...okay, one familiar haunt from last July (Seattle) and poking our noses into a few places hiterto untouched by Monolator hands. The dates are as follows:

Fri. Jan. 12: In-store at Rasputins, Berkeley (with Master/Slave)
Sat. Jan. 13: Stork Club, Oakland (with Master/Slave)
Wed. Jan. 17: Towne Lounge, Portland
Thu. Jan. 18: Le Voyeur, Olympia
Fri. Jan. 19: Lobo Saloon, Seattle
Sat. Jan. 27: Bunkhouse Saloon, Las Vegas (with Friends of Dennis Wilson)

That's all...short and (I hope) sweet. It's just the two of us again, Mary and I, and we'd dearly love to see you all at one or the other of the shows. It looks as if we're arriving in the Pacific Northwest just in time for...snow. Great. Well, we've got the chains for the van, I hope we don't have to use 'em.


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