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Thursday, October 19, 2006

We Fell Dead

From Mary:

We kept forgeting to post these pictures of our video shoot for "We Fell Dead" but now we have no excuse. We are premiering our video tomorrow nightso it's time to get them up!

Jess, Tasha, Joe, Cody, Toni & Mandy

Row 1: Jeff, Arlena, Alexis, Jade

Row 2: Matt, Dasha, (I'm sorry. I can't find your name. Please email me.),Stephen, Sal

Conner, Cody, Tasha, & Toni

Sal creating Anti-Monolator propaganda

Sal getting manhandled by Tony and Andy

Joe & Locke

Joe & Eli

BTW, Joe got his butt touched while filming this.

Demonic Mary

Us in the Oval Office

This was a super fun video! Sorry, we don't have a real good pic of Mandy Freund who played our "anti-Monolator voter". Also, didn't get a real good pic of Jess Kepner who played "stylist" to the dictators. They did a bang-up job though!

If you want to see the finished product, we are showing it tomorrow October 20 at 10PM at The Airliner.


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