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Monday, July 21, 2008

Cobra Lilies benefit show this Thursday!! Not for the Cobra Lilies themselves, though!

No, it's for Spencer of the Young Animals, who got hisself into a lil' bit of hot water with The Man. Seems like he was caught lassooing a turtle, counterfeiting shovels, and wrassling a bear. The bear wrassling wouldn't be so bad if'n it hadn't turned out that the bear in question was Omar Sharif in a bear suit. The man's near 80 year old!*

So Mr. Spencer is in need of your help for his legal fund and to fight the powers of darkness in general. Also so he can wrassle more bears! We Cobra Lilies will be playing a benefit show this Thursday at All Star Lanes in Eagle Rock along with Young Animals themselves, Avi Buffalo, ExitMusic, and Dorian Wood. It's five bucks and all proceeds to go the bears Spencer's legal funds. To paraphrase the fine Mr. Davey Crockett, "You may go to hell, I will go to All Star Lanes." True enuff!

*the bear won. A-yup.


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