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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Help an Animal

Spencer of Young Animals, one of the nicest people I've met in a long time, has unfortunately run afoul of some extremely over-zealous San Bernardino cops. Here's what he says:


On the way back from Victorville I was pulled over by the San Bernadino Sheriff for my license plate light being out. I was then arrested and charged for possession of a Controlled Substance. The controlled substance in question was a SINGLE PILL OF DARVOCET, which is a schedule four felony and since it is such my bail to be released from County Jail was 10,000 dollars, which means I only had to pay a thousand but still it's a thousand dollars i don't have.

Because I am a poor man living on my parents couch I am asking anyone if they would like to help me set up a benefit show for my court fees. I have already incurred about seven thousand dollars including getting my car out of impound and my self out of county jail. I'm gonna set up a pay pal account that you can donate to if you'd like but my main goal is a make up show (or shows) for the botched autonomous music festival. If any acts are interested let me know. We want to set this up before my court date, which is June 28th.

Apart from the benefit show Spencer could really really use some help with court fees, and if you are so inclined there is a paypal donation button on Young Animals' myspace page.


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