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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

All ages Smell show on Thursday

Hi everybodee

Thank you so much for coming out to our first RFSL residency show in Glendale last night--pretzels were consumed and a fine time was had by all and sundry. Thank you to Shirley Rolls and Downtown/Union too! Next week it will be Hexham Heads and Kissing Cousins! Huzzah! All of these bands have two words in their names! All of them!

Another thing--we have decided to postpone the next appearance of our kickstarter cover song videos until next week--things are just too busy (I almost wrote "too busty" there) at the moment, so, please bear with us.

Also! On top of our residency, which is at a drinking establishment and not really accessible to anyone under 21, we are playing an all ages show tomorrow night at The Smell! Our second time playing there, we are so happy! It's with Moses Campbell, Peter And The Wolf, and Black Jesus--I believe we are playing first at 9pm. There is a facebook event here, and I very much hope you can come! POSTER:


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