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Friday, July 07, 2006

San Francisco--Thee Parkside

Well, everybody's gotta have an off night, I'm just sorry it was here in San Francisco, we'd been looking forward to playing with our South Bay pals E>K>U>K up in SF and we kinda played like spastics. I kept tripping over and unplugging my guitar cord from my amp in the middle of the "Eagle Fighting Zebra" solo, and it was so dark onstage that I couldn't see my guitar neck and fluffed the chords to "Captain In The Army" and generally made a mess of things. And then E>K>U>K and Electric Eel Shock went on and pretty much decimated us. So that was kinda embarrassing. Jeez, I think I might actually have to start practicing the guitar, how pedestrian. Of course Mary played like a champ, as always. I think we might have made up for our sloppiness by jumping around as much as possible and emitting rivers of sweat, but we should've played like we did at The Funhouse.

Anyways...I don't know how familiar you are with Electric Eel Shock. They are a three piece Japanese heavy metal band. They have their own Wikipedia entry. They are awesomeness. The drummer plays naked. The guitar player hits his Flying V with his head and holds it above his head with his teeth. They play a song called "Bastard" and berate the audience: "Bastard! No! You Bastard!! Ok, I am also a Bastard..." You MUST see them play or you will be very sorry.

Sooo, anyway, it could've been a better show, especially as our old friend Mark came across town from his place ("I live in crackville," he says) just to see us. But that's okay. The rest of our San Francisco trip was great...we stayed at The Andrews Hotel, our favorite, near Union Square. We ate at an Indonesian place down the street from the hotel where I had a dish containing "chicken gizzards and innards and stink beans." The stink beans were big and green. They didn't stink, and were pretty tasty. The gizzards were kinda rubbery/chewy. Mary had some soy cakes that were mmmmmMMMMM good.

And that was San Francisco. Next stop...Highway 17 (the Highway of Death, so we're told) to Santa Cruz.


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