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Monday, October 23, 2006

Video premiere show, the Airliner

We finally had our video premiere show this past Friday, an event which was supposed to happen back in August and was fraught with all sorts of delays, disasters, complications, and compromises. But happen it finally did, this time at The Airliner in Lincoln Heights. I'm afraid we were running around so much that night that I don't remember too much about the event, except of course that E>K>U>K, The Mormons, and 8-Bit also showed their new videos and that we got the pleasure of playing with not just Andy but also Wendy from The Sweet Hurt on keyboards. I gotta say that I was rather impressed when she showed up a few weeks ago with her keyboard and already knew how to play our entire set all the way through without mistakes. I think she can play every other instrument with equal proficiency as well--I think she can play guitar, drums, bass, umm, oboe maybe? Tuba, grand harp, yodeling choir, that thing that you turn the crank on while the monkey dances, and, oh, I dunno, contrabass ocarina or something. Well maybe not that, but seriously she can play just about anything well. I am jealous, I can barely manage a few chords on the guitar and a smattering of kazoo riffs if the spirit moves me.

For those of you who didn't get a chance to attend, here is the video for "We Fell Dead," directed by the charming and debonair Mr. Locke Webster:

PS—yes, that really is Mary’s hair, not a wig, and no, she doesn’t usually wear it like that. There’s enough Aquanet in there to hold up a comatose rhinocerous.


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