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Friday, June 15, 2007

Strawberry Roan


The Monolators


Summer Darling

So for our second post in FOREVER, we wanted to tellyou about our new music video for our song "Strawberry Roan". We had a really awesome video premiere for it at The Echo with Castledoor, 8-bit and Summer Darling. They all made videos that were totally awesome. You can see them all here. LA-Underground was one of the hosts and did a great job recapping and compiling all the videos together for your viewing pleasure.

Conclusion: Seattle was awesome!

So we haven't posted here FOREVER. After the Olympia show we were a bit down and got off track with posting to our blog. It's all rather ironic because it all ended quite well. We played in Seattle to a wonderful audience that asked for two encores despite the fact that we were already playing a longer set. Damn!(ok, to be fair our set is normally 8 songs so long for us was 10). Here's some awesome pics taken by the Matt from the Northwest Music Blog. We also note that we played with a really cool band called The Upskirts which you should all check out.

Anyway, despite snow, bad teeth and long drives, we had a great time.