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Friday, March 20, 2009

Some live audio from Recording LA

Photo by Jeff Koga, from Recording LA

A couple of things--thanks to keen-eyed Cobra Lily Agnes for noting that audio of our March 6 show at the Where Gallery was recently posted on the Recording LA blog, which specializes in, natch, downloads of live shows recorded in our fair city. I did not actually know that our whole show was recorded, so this is great to hear. Please take a look, and, as for myself, I'll be at the Gallery tonight for the last week of performances. LINK.

There's some other interesting things in the Recording LA archives, too--I (also) didn't know that they recorded the Undercovered show from last month at the Eagle Rock Lanes, for instance. This, if you hadn't heard, was a show featuring local bands playing sets entirely made up of covers of other local bands' material. We were fortunate enough to have Flying Tourbillon Orchestra (with Angela Correa on guest vocals) cover "Oh No, Everything Has Changed," and that (along with a slew of other good stuff) is there for you to hear. Please take a look. LINK #2


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