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Monday, September 14, 2009

This Friday at American Legion Hall--and also...

We have an overloaded weekend of sheer madness coming up--take a look at this:

1. This Friday (the 18th) Cobra Lilies play a live set on Demolisten. You should listen!

2. Immediately after that Mary and I are heading over to the Highland Park American Legion Hall to play a Monolators show with Seasons and Wait. Think. Fast! Only three bands, so not too late! Order is:

9PM Seasons
10PM W.T.F.
11PM Monolators!

3. The very next night, that is, Saturday, it's the Cobra Lilies EP release show and Fashion Show at the...you guessed it, Highland Park American Legion Hall! This one is with Amanda Jo Williams, Tommy Santee Klaws, and Moses Campbell! I repeat, there is a FASHION SHOW as part of the bill with all the outfits made by hand by Cobra Lilies! Again, starts at 9, Cobra Lilies goes on at 11!

4. And then on Monday Mary and I are playing Sean Carnage's night at Pehrspace...as a duo! Just the two of us, we can make it if we try. It's been a long long time since we've played in duo format and we are excited. We have surprises! We are going to play the song this blog is named for--which we haven't played for, what? 5 years? 6? Not sure. We have other surprises too! All of the bands playing that night are duos: Captain Ahab, Odd Modern, Basses Loaded (a Kyle Mabson production) and ourselves.

Flyers flyers flyers!!


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