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Monday, October 26, 2009

ABBALATORS at 10 PM on Tuesday

So here's the deal: ABBALATORS is going on this Tuesday at the Echo. The show starts at 9, WE PLAY AT 10. Not midnight. I wish to repeat: not midnight. If you come to see us at midnight you will be crushed and disappointed. The show is FREE if you wear a costume! Don't be a mopey cool hipster whiny baby--dress up for god's sake.

I have to say that it was very difficult to narrow our set down to 6 songs--just too many good ones to choose from. I will not say now what we're playing, you'll just have to come and see for yourself. WARNING TO PURISTS: this will not sound EXACTLY LIKE ABBA. It will sound like the Monolators playing ABBA songs. Make of that what you will, but if you come up to us (like that dude at the Television/NY Dolls show) and say "it doesn't sound like the record" you will be laughed at and your pants will be mocked.

Now that we have that out of the way, did you know...

That there was an extra verse to "Dancing Queen" that got cut out of the final release? You can hear it in a recording session captured here (higher quality version here--embedding disabled on request):

Similarly embedding disabled but also required viewing--IE, "Waterloo" with glorious tearaway kitty cat skirts: LINK


And, finally, the classic band-in-front-of-giant-hamster-tube-filled-with-balloons look:



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