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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Eli Monolator's solo EP

Every so often I get sucked into one of these "record an album in a month" challenges--the idea being that, as a motivation to be productive, one sets an artificial deadline for one's self of 4 weeks, and then you have to go off and write and record enough material for a half-hour album of music.  I did this several years ago--I never did anything with the resulting "album" itself (I'm not sure that it still exists), but almost all of the songs wound up in either Our Tears Have Wings or in the Cobra Lilies' repertoire. 

I intended to do another one of these challenges for a long time, but never got around to it--until, about a month ago, I blithely agreed to churn out a 5-song ep as part of a challenge issued by a home recording message board that I frequent.   Actually, I wasn't actually going to follow through (due to...well, time and life in general) until I mentioned the project to Geoff from Pizza!/Big Whup and he basically shamed me into following through ("man, just lock yourself in a room with a drum machine and give yourself an hour to write & record a song.  Five of those and you're done.")  It ended up taking a bit more than five hours to get this thing done, but done it is.  All recorded with 4-track.  Here it is for your downloadin' pleasure--I'm calling it CT-701. 

I originally wanted to make an 8-track tape of these songs for this project and make it all fancy but I ran out of time, so you will have to accept a photoshopped totally fake one.

WARNING: pidgin French lyrics sung by someone who obviously does not speak French.



Alert reader Jesse recently notified us that someone (or several someones?) is trying to dump copies of Rejection Set Me Free on t'ebay for absurd prices, ranging from around $35 to over $100 (click the screenshot to enlarge):


Who are these people?  What are they thinking?  Nobody's going to pay over ten bucks for that record.  How did they come up with those prices?  $48.46? $107.82???