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Monday, December 27, 2010

Monolators residency starts next week

Happy New Year everybodee

It being the holidays and all, we are taking a week off from our Kickstarter covers, to be resumed on the week of the new year. We are headed off to lovely Michigan for a few days--and when we come back next week it'll be time for our LaBrie's residency!

Yep. Starts on Tuesday the 4th. It's going to be a ROCK AND ROLL night at LaBrie's, starting with the Shirley Rolls at 9pm, the Downtown/Union at 10, and little old us at 11pm. Just three bands! Huzzah! And one thing I want to point out is--we are gonna play completely different sets for all four weeks of the residency, different songs every night. So we will not repeat ANYTHING. You can beg, you can bribe us, but we will remain pure as the driven snow on this issue. Exciting! We have a lot of songs to choose from, you see, because, as our good friend Barry Manilow said: "I've been alive forever." So we don't really see any point in repeating anything. Ha!

Soooo...assuming that we're not snowed in and all (cross your fingers) we will make it back in enough time to make a batch of homemade pretzels...yes, free pretzels! Free admission! We are looking forward to it!

Until then, I'd like to leave you with this:

Monday, December 20, 2010

Kickstarter cover song #5: "I Don't Know" by Ozzy Osbourne

Just in time for the holidays, we've got this week's Kickstarter custom cover song, which goes out to none other than our very own Tom Bogdon--he of Shirley Rolls and Monolators fame. Tom asked for "I Don't Know," the first track off of the first solo Ozzy LP. And here it is! Merry Christmas, Tom.

Dang, it is raining really hard out right now as I type this.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Monolators residency at LaBrie's in January

Hi all--

I alluded to this before, but I wanted everyone to know that, yes, we're playing every Tuesday in January at the venue formally known as The Scene in good ol' Glendale, courtesy of Radio Free Silverlake. Please please go look here and say that you're gonna come! Thanx! Problem is that I can only find this itty bitty little poster at the moment:

Surely there must be a bigger one somewhere? ANYWAY. As the poster suggests, yes indeedy we're going to have Mary's Free Homemade Pretzels at each and every one of the shows! YES. Free food and free music all month long.

Here's the lineup:

January 4:
Shirley Rolls

January 11:
Hexham Heads
Kissing Cousins

January 18:
Modern Time Machines
Useless Keys

January 25:
The World Record
Walking Sleep

Note that we are going to play 3rd of three for all of these nights. I know that in previous RFSL nights at LaBrie's the residency bands have gone second, but...we are going THIRD. THRID. THREEEEEEEEE. Why? Because THREE IS A MAGIC PIXIE ELF NUMBER THAT BRINGS MAGIC PIXIE ELF HAPPINESS AND CLEAR SKIN. That's why.

So! See you in January! Also, HAPPY (BELATED) MARY BIRTHDAY! Mmmm sushi.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Kickstarter cover song #4: "Too Late" by Wire

Leather jacket came off for this one. This is "Too Late" by Wire, as requested by Pehrspace. Yes, indeed, Pehrspace itself bought a record--yet another reason why Pehr is one of our favorite venues in Los Angeles. We love you, Pehrspace! Plus, I am a big big fan of Wire's Chairs Missing album, so this was a welcome request indeed!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Kickstarter cover song #3: "Mandy" by Barry Manilow

We recorded a whole slew of songs for our living room kickstarter covers project this past weekend, so let's start things off with a request for Elke: "Mandy" by Barry Manilow. We've talked in the past of doing an entire show of Manilow covers (for which, as Ashley suggests, we would dub ourselves "Monilow,") so this was a timely request. Thanks Elke!

Note: leather jackets are very very toasty under lights. Very toasty indeed.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Radio Free Silverlake residency in January

I have some nice news to report!

Although we had to cancel our December show due to illness (sad) we have a whole months' worth of shows planned for the new year. We are going to headline the Radio Free Silverlake Free Tuesdays at LaBrie's residency for January! Thanks very much to Joe Fielder for asking us!

LaBrie's, as you might recall, used to be The Scene in Glendale. It's still in the same location...it's not all-ages (sad) but it is free (yay!). We have great lineups for all of the weeks, we are not gonna play the same song twice the whole month long, we're gonna haul out some of our past cover songs, and--I can also reveal that we will have Mary's coveted homemade pretzels for free at ALL of the shows.

Yay! More details are coming as I have 'em.