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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dawn Of Sequins tonight at Pehrspace

Hello friends.

Mary and I have a new duo band that we've started--it's called Dawn Of Sequins. It is not intended to supplant/replace Your Mom/Your Dad or the Monolators or anything like that--it is its own entity. I play guitar and bass and Mary plays drums and synth. We both sing. The inspiration was a very noisy duo show we played at Pehrspace a few years ago where we played a cover of "Perfume" by our friend Doug, AKA Birth!

So while Your Mom/Your Dad is also a duo band, this one is more sweaty/synthy/punk rock. Also more sparkly. If you'd like a sample, please go to our magical sparkly home page and listen to our theme song (although that recording has drum machine rather than live drums, but you get the idea). We have all new new new songs, some written by me, some by Mary, and also an Emm't Swank cover that I'm very excited about...

And lo--we are playing our very first Dawn Of Sequins show tonight at Pehrspace, as presented by LA Underground. We go on early, 9pm. Hope you can make it.